liz kuz


From welcome emails to long term marketing campaigns, I’ve been designing, coding and obsessing on best practices for email design for over 6 years. It takes a dedicated team to collaborate on targeted messages, analyzing user data and creating eye catching content to capture your audience in a 5 second window before it’s deleted. 

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I’m a digital designer that works alongside user experience designers and front end developers to create a cohesive site experience. From desktop to mobile I tailor designs to fit the consumer. My recent work has been focused on the e-commerce customer but is not limited to layout for brand catalogs, restaurants, and real-estate.

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Between fighting the elements, prepping product, herding people or wrangling studio lights I’ve worked with a range of photographers and models to capture action and lifestyle imagery. 

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I have created numerous illustrations for local magazines, IOS apps, and products. I produce designs from the elements that inspire me.

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Theres nothing better than hanging outside after a hike up a mountain or an afternoon of biking and then bastardizing what I see with a paintbrush. 

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